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Graduation Ceremony TODAY! :)

2012-06-22 Friday

12 years of bullshit end today. and I’m somewhat proud, because I have never in my life failed a class P:, maybe I don’t have the best grades, but I am graduation with an extended diploma! In less than four hours I will be wearing the most ridiculous looking graduation gown with that stupid graduation hat, P: I’m going to look so stupid because that hat covers my whole hair, so it makes me look bald…, Ill post a picture later, maybe tomorrow. All in all, I’m very excited because after today, I have officially graduated from high school!


what are your plans upon graduating? congrats by the way! :)

Going to move out of my parents place finally on the 27th :), to live with someone who I really like for 3 weeks, till I can find my own place. I will be working for a year to save up money before I start on my University P:, so besically I will have one year to relax! and thanks! :)

Math Exam tommorow and I’m DONE!

tommorow is the last of my worries! no more homework, no more big projects to do! no more tests to study for! just freedom for at least a year for me! SO HAPPY TO GRADUATE FINALLY! I’m so ready to be done!

Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla!!!

Everyone knows a girl who’s an attention slut right? It’s that one girl, who lets the web know all of her mental problems, that girl who tells everyone she’s ugly just so they can tell her how wrong she is… she gets upset over everything and creates this huge deal of it, yeah? well I live in a town full of those, and its both girls and boys here :\

I can’t wait to move out on the 27th :B

Wait so your gay?? But I thought u had a gf

I did, she is the sweetest girl, and wish I wasn’t gay just so I could continue being with her. -‘you guys should follow her! :)’-

she was the very first person I came out to, and so we obviously had to break up when It happened, because I made her feel things I couldn’t feel for her. Me and her are still friends, She tries her best to be there for me, and I know she always will be :).

so yeah, hope that answered your question.

OKAY SO IM CONFUSED! what is your sexuality?

haha umm, It took long for me to get that P: but I now identify myself as Gay. but not comeplety out yet.

but that still doesn’t change the person that I am, and the way I act. so I dont know why it matters really.

World Issues exam tommorow.

Yeah man, I like how I’m supposed to be studying right now, but instead I’m on tumblr. I’m actually having one of those days, in which I dont know what to do with myself, I just feel like something isnt right.